The Children of the Earth that Was

By C.R. Endacott

Zee is a young woman living in a corral as one of the heifers. Her sole purpose in life is to give birth to children who are raised and butchered for food. However, on the day she is to be inseminated, she injures the bullaman (the man who, for all intents and purposes, rapes to impregnate the heifers) and is taken out of the corral to be killed. However, one of the Alien Overseer's children takes Zee to be her pet. In their house, Zee learns their language. After five years, she escapes to live with the free humans who survive in colonies underground..

The Circle of Trust

Life seemed simple!


His girlfriend dumped him.

His friend is gay.

And he must stop a dwarf civil war.

The truth is sometimes deceiving!

The Blue Butterfly

Deadly virus:

Destroys Fairy's wings!

Depravity, the Evil Lord is trying to kill the Blue Butterfly; the only seal keeping him from returning to power.

Avery, the Truth Wizard, and his girlfriend, is kidnapped by Gargoyles and Jared doesn't know how to get to the Faerie World to find her.

A Cynical Look at Life as a Teacher

Teaching isn't just a job. You have much potential to make the difference in a young person's life.

But it is the little things that drive you crazy. It is the little things you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Children of the Earth that Was

The world is no longer recognizable as a human landscape.

Aliens have colonized earth for the purpose of farming it for food to feed their ever growing populations in technologically advanced cities.

Can a woman's journey of discovery save humanity?

In Her Own Words

Marion Anderson Blackwell wants to be remembered for all her kids and that she was good with horses.

She grew up in Danskin, on the southside of Francois Lake, near Burns Lake, BC, where she attended school and worked outside with her father.

Much of her life was spent in Wistaria, near Ootsa Lake, where she raised her kids after marrying the love of her life at the end of World War II.

Her story, In Her Own Words, gives deep insight into a woman that loved her family, and in her own words: 'had a good life.'

Three Young Adult Fantasy Stories in One Volume

Afflatus Reborn: Book 1

Truth Seer: Book 2

The Revenge Curse: Book 3

These three stories are Avery Noble's first adventures in the mystical land of Afflatus.

She learns she is a Truth Wizard and how to become the best one possible.

White Fang Decolonized

Changes in this Adaptation:

  • Modernizing language: much of the colloquial words of the late 1800s have been removed and replaced.

  • Decolonized context: The original text contained derogatory colonial language, which has been replaced and removed to make all people in the book equal.

  • Vulgar and gruesome depictions: Some of the more overtly descriptive scenes involving abuse of animals and people have been removed.