Submission Guidelines

World's End Book Publishing focuses on works by authors in British Columbia, specifically emerging authors or authors with unique voices and perspectives. As a company located in Western Canada, World's End Publishing is interested in authors from western provinces, but also accepts submissions from authors in every province of Canada.

World's End Book Publishing is most interested in Adult fiction, fantasy, science fiction & dystopian. We are also interested in Young Adult or Middle Grade stories in the same genres.

World's End Book Publishing will review all submissions and those that are edited and publication ready may be selected for publication. We offer a 10% royalty on the printing of 500 paperbacks, up front. The formula we use is (Book Price = Printing Cost + Author 10% + Publisher Profit 12.5% + Marketing & Distribution 12.5%).* 

World's End will format, edit,  create the cover, market and sell and register in the Canada Library and Archives. The author must be willing to participate in the marketing of their work. In addition the author will receive 10 free copies of their published work.

Writers Submission Guidelines

1) World's End Book Publishing only accepts email submissions sent to 

2) Make sure to include:

3) World's End Book Publishing doesn't mind if you have multiple submissions. 

4) You may choose to attach the full manuscript BUT minimally attach the first 2 Chapters in Microsoft Word (.docx) to the email. Make sure the font is Times New Roman, 12 point (including chapter headings), and with standard margins on Letter-sized formatting.

5) World's End Book Publishing will respond within 30 days. 

6) In the Subject Heading of the email include: Book Title-Author Name-Submission in this order.

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered and will be deleted without a response.